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Earlier this week, we were excited to share the news that the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) awarded Speedboard with the historic Coachman’s House Complex in Maudslay State Park right here in Newburyport! As you can imagine, we were very pleased with the award and the subsequent praise we received from the DCR Commissioner Edward K. Lambert, Jr,

“Speedboard USA’s reuse proposal not only addresses the long term historic preservation needs of this important cultural resource, it also compliments DCR’s mission to encourage healthy outdoor recreational activity.”

We’re planning on using the Coachman’s House Complex as the new Speedboard corporate headquarters, as well as creating a new SUP training facility courtesy of its waterside access to the Merrimack River. Through the training facility, Speedboard will be able to offer introductory and advanced SUP training programs.

When completed based on our plans, this project will represent a true innovation for the sport of SUP. We will be able to further our research and design efforts for new Speedboard products, but also be in a terrific position to host local SUP races into downtown Newburyport! And with rumors of SUP becoming an Olympics demonstration sport in 2016 (can anyone say Rio de Janeiro?), Speedboard will be in the unique position of providing athletes with a dedicated SUP facility, where they focus their training and maximize their performance on the water.

Keep your eyes on this site for progress on the Maudslay facility as we currently anticipate opening the facility in spring 2014.


  1. Douglas Scott
    January 15, 2013

    I became very excited when I was walking through Maudsley and saw the DCR sign and proposed work! When I returned home, I found your website. My name is Doug Scott dba Parker River Boat Works, formally master boat builder at Lowell’s Boat Shop. I started at Lowells in 1977. I have taught boat building and lofting to adults, as well as children (River Valley Charter and Newburyport High School). For historical perspective,one of the projects at Lowells, was a centennial Banks Dory for Long Beach California life guards. Apparently, back in the 1950’s they had ordered 50 rescue Dories. I only mention this because they row through the surf, standing up. (Check their website)

    I have raced seven Blackburne Challenges (three times in my own design, Merrimack Screamer). Approximately thirteen miles into one of the races, a kayaker came up alongside me, at which point, I was standing to stretch and the kayaker said, “What I would give to be able to stand up now!” I thought, oh, yeah, I prefer to be able to stand in my boats. As a result, I have been very interested in the speedboards, but have only seen them from a distance.

    After leaving Lowells, (the first time) I went to work doing 18th Century house restoration. It is hard to say which I love more building boats or restoring old properties. I would be interested in speaking to you and becoming a part of the project at Maudsley in some way. I have done restoration and renovation projects on my own and with others. I would love somehow to be involved in this exciting project. I assume you may already have a contractor but would be interested in working with them.

    I am interested in the restoration, as well as the building of the boards.
    I definitely will be down to check out your shop, especially the 20′ prototype, if that is all right.


    Doug Scott

    • Andy
      February 13, 2013

      Hi Doug,
      Thanks for the interest in Speedboard and our work over at Maudslay. You’ve given me so much good stuff to comment on, I don’t know where to start. Maybe it would be easier if you give us a shout over email – and we can talk through some of your points above.

      Hope to hear from you soon.